Zen Park Picnic

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I hit the park this afternoon for lunch. Was preoccupied as usual. Thinking about work. About all the opportunities I might be giving up by moving on. By pursuing new goals and adventures. Whether I was destroying the ambitions I had. Was I being a fool?

I noticed the beautiful, warm sun. And the grass and the perfect afternoon. And I thought about how 40 summers have passed in my life. 40 perfect warm picnic moments and that here I was.

And I looked at my hands and thought about what a miracle my body is. What an unlikely collection of chemistry and atoms and collaborating cells and here I was. Me.

Suddenly my eating slowed down. My mind calmed. My heart slowed and I noticed that I had stopped shovelling my food in. I was slowly, sloth-like pulling the carrots and rice to my mouth. That the flavours of the vegetables were more vibrant. Colours.

Everything slowed. I just was. It was good. Life is good.

I am only a fool when I move too fast.